Cinders on Spiderwebs

Soloist Sorcerous

Charlotte continues on alone...

…Lower in the dungeon, Charlotte had to go it alone, as Dreadnought was transfixed at the chasms edge, communing with the darkness below.

Alone, except for her little rat, Blue, she managed to get away from a waterfall of spiders, a pair of swinging scythe traps and face-down four Hobgoblins. Although her reward was to be the key to the loot room, the king’s mysterious pet had stolen the key first.

This creature, hidden in cloak and wilted pose, was in the treasure room hurriedly searching for a gadget. It had stolen her sister’s dagger before, but now gave it back to Charlotte, and even hummed some healing tunes in order to prepare her for the ruler of this dungeon by herself (or get her out from under foot). The pet of the King had no interest in being an ally, or conversing, it was very much focused on looking through the loot piles (which Charlotte picked from as well).

Clasping one of her new items, a Skeddadlin Medallion around her neck, she pushed open the double doors to the king’s throne room. It was like the old paintings her grandfather had – dark woods, marble, and gold embellishments scattered throughout. King Slaark sat on his throne with two guards at his side, and what appeared to be dozens more waiting just behind a curtain.

“You are the ugly child!” King Slaark said to the Half-Orc Charlotte. He had known about her being a prisoner brought up for sale from the wastelands. Did he get this information from the Halflings, or did he send for her himself?



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