Cinders on Spiderwebs

Headed North with a Half-Orc

Dreadnaught was desperate for two things: gold and food. He had apprehended a half-orc teen, which fit exactly the request of a wanted poster in the southern badlands – ugly teens. With his cargo thrown into his suspiciously acquired coach, he was off to the North and the shores where the ships would pay him.

Charlotte was the prisoner. Perhaps she should never had been in the badlands, but when her town was overrun, leaving her the only survivor years ago. Her powers manifested – great powers of fire and ice – and she was able to keep most bad people away.

The road North was long and monotonous. Just about the time Charlotte decided to push for her release, three halflings were spotted in a cart. They were friendly enough, offering fare trade for food, but when Charlotte pushed for their murder, the halflings fled quickly.

Just before nightfall, they spotted smoke and the forest they were in, opened up to a hill road dotted by a setting sun in the distance. At the top of the hill was a cart, being ransacked by four people, and three of them were hobgoblins. When spotted, one came charging on the back of a dire wolf. The battle was comical, as Charlotte froze the rider, and Dreadnaught diverted the wolf’s attack into the trees.

After an archer was done away with by Charlotte’s magic, one Hobgoblin confidently left in the cart, leaving the now lightly smoking bodies of the previous riders behind. He also left behind a strange cat-like person, with most of its body hidden. The cat person spoke in single words, surprised to see an elf. After some words, the cat person left a dagger of magic behind. and left.

Seeing the hobgoblin’s desire for food, they turn the dead into passable slabs of meat to be offered should things get out of hand. In the morning, they departed rested and ready.

Things to consider:
A note left on the coach in the badlands said they should join the Grand Cru Livis. This is an apparent attempt at starting an organized policing group related to the ships that collect criminals.

Why was Charlotte spared in her town when she was 9?

If the badlands did house the Paladin: a mythical prince of elves who could help D, where is this man?

What happened to the halflings?

Why did the mysterious cat person give D a dagger, then point at his comrade and say “food”?



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