Cinders on Spiderwebs

For 10 gold pieces

An established dwarf asked for a security detail to deliver his goods to a small town southeast of Neverwinter. Those who accepted the call were: Sam-a very reliable cleric, and cousin to the dwarf, Sara-a human of noble birth, and Mauv – a rogue, who may not have been upfront with the dwarf about her thievish ways.

Once they were on the road, Mauv estimated she could make 100gp off of the items in the cart. The other two had no idea what adventuring would be, and may have been easy to talk into a more shady deal by Mauv.

…but the arrow-filled horses ahead took all the attention of the party. Just as quickly as they were discovered, the arrows and scimitars of goblins were piercing and slashing the party in an ambush. Sara was able to bring her great axe across her front in a great arc, separating the goblin’s head from body. Sam was not as clean, smashing the head of the other goblin with a thud.

After an hour’s rest, Sam would stay with the cart as the other two pursued a remaining goblin down a footpath. It would be during this time alone that Sam realized one of the horses belonged to his cousin who hired all of them!

A clear brook was running out of the mouth of the cave where the goblins dwelled. After getting past some wolves with a few snacks, Mauv climbed up the trash chute to surprise the goblins on the highest floor. The chute however would be to perilous, causing gashes and bruises on both heroes. At the top of the tunnel, a bugbear was easily distracted by the noble Sara and her charms, so it was with a few strokes of her blade that Mauv put an end to the goblin leader.

Points to consider:
• what is in the rest of the cave?
• are there survivors?
• how safe is the road that Sam is on at night?



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