Cinders on Spiderwebs

Final Fight and Flight

The time had come for Charlotte to shut this silly little goblin down. Her emotions had been wild and showed themselves in the form of elemental force – now she had made her feelings as honed and precise as a longsword. She felt her powers were reaching a high point of release, and she was happy to let them loose, on this small wormlike King.

Seeing the kings pet in, King Slaark yelled at them to fight each other for his amusement. He tried to goad Charlotte to attack more simple prey by having his archer incapacitate the catlike Kingspet.

At this point Charlotte unleashed a blazing star fall of power, blanketing the king and his would be guards behind the curtain, which were revealed to be nothing more than wooden statues. Four against three were the numbers now (the rat blue being included on Charlotte’s side). In mere seconds the archer fell, evening the numbers.

A trick of magic left Charlotte without her dagger, and by impulse alone she grabbed her slime covered dagger once given to her by her sister. The ooze had transformed it into something more. A much more powerful weapon,thanks to Kingspet’s machinations.

The king ran, leaving his guards behind and clinging to his last vestige of life. The guards ran as well, and had they known the king’s contempt for his own race, they may have hunted him down. He would not be coming back the this dungeon, as everything he owned in his beautiful chamber was smashed and decimated by the final eruption of Charlotte’s sorcery.

The pet, a wizard by the name of Ahdi, thanked Charlotte with a handshake, it’s hand more human than catlike, and skin of soft grey.

Above, the halflings and former slaves had finished off the guards. Charlotte saw nothing but happy faces, and in her they saw a hero!

Perhaps she should keep her new desires of the life of a rogue to herself…



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